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Mii Extractor

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{{Stub}}{{Infobox homebrewapphomebrew| image = [[File:Mii_extractor.png]]| title = Mii Extractor| description type = Extracts Miis from your Wiisystem tool| type author = UtilitiesWaninkoko| author version = Waninkoko1.1| download = [http://www.teknoconsolasprototeam.infoorg/forodownloads/viewtopicMii-Extractor_v1.php?| hbb =95&t=41342 v1]yes
This application extracts all the Miis from your Wii to a SD card(SDHC cards are not supported in the current version). If you want to install the Mii's on your Wii from an SD-card use [[Mii Installer]].
==Download==[http://wwwprototeam.teknoconsolas.infoorg/forodownloads/viewtopicMii-Extractor_v1.0.php?f=95&t=41342 zip Mii Extractor] (Login required to see link)
==How to use==
Just run this application and all your Miis will be copied to the "miis" directory at the SD card.
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