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{{Infobox homebrewapphomebrew| title = MAsteroidsMasteroids| image = | desc = Multiplayer asteroids[[File:Icon_Masteroids.png]]| type = Gameshooting game| author = [[User:Feesh!| display = Feesh!]]| download = [ masteroids-release-src.tar.bz2]| source = Included| peripherals = {{Wiimote4}} {{NunchuckNunchuk}} {{ClassicController}} {{GCNController}}{{FrontSD}}| hbb = yes
'''MAsteroidsMasteroids''' is a multiplayer asteroids clone. Up to 4 players can play simultaneously in co-op or competitive mode.==Updated==
''2008/06/09'' - Version 0.4 is out. Grab it whilst it's hot. New features can be found in the Readme along with a description of control layouts. Main improvements include '''Nunchuk''' and '''Classic Control''' support!
==Controls== {| class="wikitable"|-! Controller !! Acceleration !! Turn !! Shoot !! Start button |-| {{WiimoteHorizontal}} || {{WiimoteDPadUp}} || {{WiimoteDPadLeft}} '''/''' {{WiimoteDPadRight}} || {{WiimoteAButton}} || {{WiimotePlusButton}}|-| {{Nunchuk}} || {{NunchuckControlStick‎}} (up) || {{NunchuckControlStick‎}} (Left)/(Right) || {{NunchuckZButton‎}} || {{NunchuckCButton‎}}|-| {{ClassicController}} || {{ClassicDPadUp}} || {{ClassicDPadLeft}} '''/''' {{ClassicDPadRight}} || {{WiimoteAButton}} || {{WiimotePlusButton}}|-| {{GCNController}} || {{GCDPadUp}} || {{GCDPadLeft}} '''/''' {{GCDPadRight}} || {{GCAButton}} || {{GCStartButton}}|} === To set players controller ===# Navigate to options, then controller config. # Select the player whose controllers you want set using shoot button.# Activate wanted controller by using its shoot button. '''Note''' that you don't need 4 wiimotes for 4 players. As an example 2 wiimotes and 2 classic controllers is enough if you set controllers as instructed above. Adding players is done in options menu and players will use wiimote as a default controller. You can use any of the following(and in any combination):*4 Wiimotes(Horizontal use)*4 Nunchuks*4 Classic Controllers
*4 GameCube controllers
*4 Nunchucks
*4 Classic Controllers
*GH3 Controller (Planned)
*Wii Balance Board (Planned)
==Disclaimer==I wish I didn't have to say this, but I have tested the game extensively during it's development and even though I believe I have removed all chances of a bug, it may still be possible either due to, or not due to any fault of my own that the game may crash , and in some rare instance and , brick your Wii. That is why, although I'd like for you to try this game, you must accept if anything does happen to your Wii as a direct result of running this game that I, the author, can claim no liabilty. Keep this in mind whilst you try MAsteroids.
==Long Description==
MAsteroids is a multiplayer Asteroids clone for the Wii. It currently allows up to 4 players to simultaneously play the classic Asteroids game. Gameplay is customizable with an options menu allowing you to alter the amount of lives each player starts with, the amount of bullets a player can fire, whether team killing is allowed, the difficulty and how many players there will be in Multiplayer mode.
==TODO==Right now MAsteroids does what I intended it to do, multiplayer Asteroids, but there are a few controller issues I need to focus on. These include mainly getting expansion controllers to function as secondary 3 player and 4 player controllers. Port graphics code to GX. ==Source Code?==I plan on releasing the source code when I have implemented the Nunchuk and Classic Control input systems and when I have added another feature which I think will add some more depth to the game play. This is no wavy gravy claptrap to just suspend releasing the sources, and thusly, if these features aren't implemented by or the 3rd of June, I will release the source code regardlessnew GRRLIB.
MAsteroids was written == Source Code? ==Source code is available in C++ using [[Development_Applications/GRRLIB|GRRLIB]], LibOGC and Wiiusethe download provided.
==In Action==
This is a recording of the game in action: .
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