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==Long Description==
MAsteroids is a multiplayer Asteroids clone for the Wii. It currently allows up to 4 players to simultaneously play the classic Asteroids game. Gameplay is customisable customizable with an options menu allowing you to alter the amount of lives each player starts with, the amount of bullets a player can fire, whether team killing is allowed, the difficulty and how many players there will be in Multiplayer mode.
I plan on releasing the source code when I have implemented the Nunchuk and Classic Control input systems and when I have added another feature which I think will add some more depth to the game play. This is no wavy gravy claptrap to just suspend releasing the sources, and thusly, if these features aren't implemented by the 3rd of June, I will release the source code regardless.
MAsteroids was written in C++ using [[Homebrew_appsDevelopment_Applications/GRRLIB|GRRLIB]], LibOGC and Wiiuse.
==In Action==


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