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| peripherals = {{GCNController}}{{WiFi}}{{Internet}}
Sites : [ Wii Projects / Free Project Mirror] [ Everything else]
If anyone wants free project hosting - contact me at or
5: P1 233MHz, 8MB Graphics Card, 256MB Ram, 3GB Hard Drive, Win 95<br>
6: LAPTOP : Celeron 1.7GHz, 230MB Graphics Card, 1GB Ram, 2x 20GB Hard Drives, Win XP + Ubuntu 7.10<br>
I am currently coding ( attempting ;-) ) a package of seemingly random bits of code that may server a purpose, may not but, it is just to learn C and have some fun with my wii.
First public release<br>
Don't come running to me when something unexpected happens, you run this taken this into account<br>
It is unfinished and could be unstable so expect bugs<br><br>
I don't want it on the homebrew apps as it is not a real app. It's just for me to learn.<br>
In the not to distant future should be able to use {{USBKeyboard}}{{FrontSD}} {{WiiBalanceBoard}}{{WiiDisc}}


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