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{{Userboxtop}}{{Userbox dev|Win}}{{Userbox lang|nl}}{{Userbox code|C}}{{Userbox code|C++}}{{Userbox developer}}{{Userbox Trucha}}{{Userbox system menu|4.3}}{{Userbox bannerbomb}}{{Userbox homebrew channel|1.1.0}}{{Userbox dvdx}}{{Userbox bootmii}}{{Userbox homebrew browser}}{{Userbox mplayer ce}}{{Userbox usb gecko}}{{Userbox WiiSpeak}}{{Userbox wiimote|2}}{{Userbox nunchuk|2}}{{Userbox gamecube controller|2}}{{Userbox classic controller|1}}{{Userbox sdcard|2gb}}{{Userbox DS|1}}{{Userbox DSi|1}}{{Userbox 3DS|1}}{{Userboxbottom}} has various small, useless to others , and ugly coded wii homebrew projects known "works" are:<br>*[[Bootmii_Booter]]<br>*[[Preloader/Third_Party_Mods/DacoTaco|Preloader 0.30 Unofficial edit]] (now Priiloader)<br>*(unreleased)I got eaten cuz Im a Wiibrator application which was made to test input/threading & jpg loading/displaying.*[[priiloader]] , a preloader edit.*(unreleased)Nettes : a network testing tool made to see where DacoTaco's Shitty router kept crashing at.*[[OpenDolBoot]] , a application that injects nand booting code into a dol making it a bootble (by ios) app file*[[Ctr-Gcs-DacoTaco-Edition]] , a program that can create and restore raw dumps of a GC Mem Card. usable by emulators like dolphinTaco you Doca


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