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#REDIRECT {{Infobox system update| reldateusa = November 19, 2006| addedios = [[IOS17]]| olderver = 2.0| olderdisplay = 2.0rev01| newerver = 2.0rev03| parentrev = 2.0}} The '''2.0rev02''' update changed titles that were accidentally not pushed on [[NUS]] at launch day, which had caused problems on certain consoles. == Changes ==* Added [[EULA]], using [[IOS13]], and [[rgnsel]], which uses a new [[IOS17]]* [[Photo Channel]] now uses IOS13* [[Forecast Channel (dummy)|Forecast Channel]] and [[News Channel (dummy)|News Channel]] dummy channels are now set to use IOS13 in their [[TMD]]s, and say "You cannot use this channel until service begins." on their banners. {{Navbox system updates}}

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