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There are two types of drivechips. These include solder ones and solderless ones. Solder ones will need to be soldered on to the solder points next to the insert for the ribbon cable. However, every drivechip varies so the steps can be different for other drivechips. The solder ones include WiiKey and WiiKey V2.0.
Solderless ones are the fourth generation of drivechips. Solderless drivechips will be intercepting the connection between the Wii's Disc Drive and the Wii. These include WiiKey Fusion, DriveKey, FlatMod, FlatWii, Wasabi DX and WODE Jukebox.
As the drivechips would read from backup discs some games would not play properly as the games were written in 3X speed. However WiiKey Fusion ran the games from the SD Card so that dilemma was solved.
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