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'''NUS''' (short for '''Nintendo Update Server''') is a set of HTTP servers used to serve [[System Update|updates]] for Nintendo's consoles. For the Wii and Wii U, this server is located at
== Protocol ==
The Wii uses user agent <code>wii libnup/1.0</code> for all requests.
=== Query a list of titles ===
To query a list of titles, a SOAP request is sent to /nus/services/NetUpdateSOAP, with action The result is an XML structure containing all titles that require updating.
The request uses the following XML === Request structure:===
:'''Version''' - unknownalways 1.0?
:'''MessageId''' - unknown
:'''DeviceId''' - unknown
:'''RegionId''' - USA, JAP, EUR, or KOR
:'''CountryCode''' - unknown
:Several '''TitleVersion'''structs:
::'''TitleId''' - 16-digit title ID in hex
::'''Version''' - decimal version
:'''AuditData''' - unknown
=== Response structure ==='''GetSystemUpdateResponse''''''Version''' - same as version in request?:'''MessageId''' - same as MessageId from client:'''DeviceId''' - same as DeviceId from client:'''ErrorCode''' - 0 on success:'''ContentPrefixURL''' - always (HTTP before [[2.0rev03]]):'''UncachedPrefixURL''' - always (HTTP before 2.0rev03, this is the URL the Wii uses):Several '''TitleVersion''' structs:::'''TitleId''' - 16-digit title ID in hex::'''Version''' - latest title version available::'''FsSize''' - size in bytes?:'''UploadAuditData''' - unknown, possibly boolean? == Download a TMD, ticket, or content===These can be downloaded from /ccs/download<prefix>/<titleid>/<name>, where prefix is the base URL returned from the SOAP request, titleid is the title ID in hex, and name is one of three things:
* tmd[version] - downloads the TMD for the version provided, or the latest version if no version is provided
* cetk - downloads the ticket (free titles only)

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