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{{Userboxtop}}{{Userbox | border-c=#000000 | border-s=1| id-c=#D18700| id-s=12| id-fc=#000000| id-op=| info-c=#FFA500| info-s=8| info-fc=#000000| info-lh=1.2em| info-op=| id=λ| info=This user is a member of the Half-Life Wii Team}}{{Userbox country|USA}}{{Userbox lang|en}}{{Userbox alpha}}{{Userbox beta}}{{Userbox system menu|4.3}}{{Userbox rc24}}{{Userbox LetterBomb}}{{Userbox osc}}{{Userbox wiimote|4}}{{Userbox nunchuk|2}}{{Userbox sdcard|2gb}}{{Userbox sdhccard|4gb}}{{Userbox DSi|1}}{{Userbox 2DS|1}}{{Userbox wiiugamepad|1}}{{Userboxbottom}} I started am a member of the Half -Life wii project, thats about itWii Team


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