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| image = [[File:WiiLink24Banner.png]]
| author = Marko, Dogmander, Auto1lija
| contributor = Spotlight, Rocket, <!-- 6100m, -->JG, a32bitmint, Glitch
| version = Active
| licence = AGPLv3
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WiiLink24 is an alternative WiiConnect24 service provider for Nintendo Wii. It was originally founded by Dogmander, Marko and Auto1lija in April 2020 as "Rii No no Ma" with the sole goal of reviving Wii No no Ma. However, following the merge with BetterConnect24 and a change in command structure, it became WiiLink24 in Sept. 2020.
As of now, WiiLink24 is still in very early testing stages and has yet to see a installable public release of any sort. However this wiki page will update frequently to reflect its progress.


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