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| |H |SM |U4 |U3 |C |B |A ||
This register controls seems to control visibility of various memory mappings? Bits devices or features. The value of the register during normal operation seems to depend on Hollywood revision.  * In boot1c, if the Hollywood version bits (in HW_VERSION) are 0, this is set to 0x47 (otherwise, set to 0x7).  It seems like bits 31-7 cannot be read or written to?{{check}}
|H|Set [by boot1, BC, others] if VERHI in HW_VERSION is 0
|8|4 |4 |
|U|R |R |
| |VERHIhwver|VERLOhwrev|
This register contains the hardware revision of the Hollywood chipset. Observed values:
|VERHIhwver|Hollywood Version|VERLOhwrev|Hollywood Revision

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