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| author = [[User:Mr. Reaper|Mr. Reaper]]
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| peripherals = {{Wiimote4}} {{Nunchuck}} {{ClassicController}} {{LesPaul}} {{GCNController}}
| hbb = no| osc = yes
If you like pressing buttons, then this app is for you!!!
I hadn't messed with making Wii Homebrew in such a long time, but I threw this Visual Controller Test together in a day.
But then I was in a coding mood, so I added in every other peripheral I own -- everything but the kitchen sink (and if I had a kitchen sink Wii attachment for Cooking Mama, I'd add that too!). 
Maybe other people will also find this app useful.
'''[[File:VCTtitle.png|320px]]  == Notes:'''==
Off-brand peripherals can be weird in homebrew.
I have a Memorex Motion+ remote which works fine with extensions, but using the power button on it will hard crash homebrew apps, requiring a Wii reboot.
One reports as a malfunctioning Classic Controller.
One doesn't detect at all.
One works but reports ranges higher than a standard nunchuk.
Another one will sometimes lock up the Wiimote when plugged in (requiring only the Wiimote to be powered off and back on), but other times it works as above.
The Wireless Memorex Nunchuck won't work with the Memorex Wiimote+, but it will sometimes work with an official Wiimote, usually only after I plug in and unplug an official Nunchuck first. So try that if you have problems with off-brand extension controllers.
And drums seem to report as a guitar that mostly works but has some errant input (no clue how to properly read drums; good documentation is nonexistent).
[[File:VCTtitle== Battery Readings == The battery readings are borky.png|320px]]WPAD_BatteryLevel(), by function definition, returns a value ranging from 0-255. But when I put in fresh alkaline batteries, I get a reading of only about 190. Yet I have one old rechargeable battery pack that returns a value of 218 when it's fully charged. Either of these values would be treated as "full power" by the Wii menu or other battery power apps (by setting a maximum value and ignoring anything over that, basically). Instead, I'm just dividing the raw value by 2.55 so that the battery level will show a range of 0-100 (since that's easier to relate to), as a percentage of the maximum possible value -- but I doubt the maximum value of 255 would ever be reported.... In any case, I'm more-or-less giving you a better indication of the actual value that's being reported rather than messing with it to try and say it's an accurate percentage of your battery life (if you want the real raw number, just multiply the shown value by 2.55). Additionally (and annoyingly) the battery level is only refreshed when you plug or unplug an extension controller.... So if you have a battery that is really low and dying fast, you'd have to continually plug/unplug a nunchuck or something to watch the battery level decrease in real time. I tried, but simply cannot find a way to force the information to refresh automatically ;/ 
* Added visual feedback for Wiimote and Nunchuk accelerometer readingsfor orientation.* Added automatic 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio adjustment (who does anyone even uses use 4:3 anymore?), so the onscreen graphics no longer look way too fat. You can also toggle the aspect ratio manually. ===1.1===* Added visual feedback for the G Force readings, so you can shake your Wiimote or Nunchuck around furiously to see if the gravity sensors are working in every direction.
* Added a Battery Level indicator to give an idea of how much battery power is left in your Wiimote.
* Addressed a bug introduced in the last version which would cause a crash from trying to read gravity sensors if a Wiimote became disconnected. Also, in the event of any crash, I now have it try to exit the app automatically (without needing to press the Reset button), since I have no idea what the code dump screen means anyway!
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