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Switched to normal modifies NAND with BMAPL flag.
| author = [[User:DacoTaco|DacoTaco]]
| contributor = F_GOD,BadUncle
| version = 0.8.29| source = http| download = http
| website =
| licence = GPL
| peripherals = {{Wiimote1}} {{GCNController}} {{FrontSD}} {{FrontSDHC}}
{{Modifies NAND|bmapl=yes}}{{No vWii}}
<div style="text-transform: uppercase; text-align: center;"><div style="font-size: 200%; font-weight: bold;">Warning</div>
*Start something else than system menu on power up (a dol file, bootmii, homebrew channel)
If you have any further questions, suggestions or anything then please contact us at the [http google codeGithub] SVN GIT page, #priiloader on [irc://] or dacotaco's forum on [ http://forum.dacotacothrough]
== Known Issues ==
None! :o.
== To do ==
===0.9 : Itsa Prii, can't get rid of mii(20 September 2020)===* Fixes & Improvements** Reworked dol & SysMenu loading code.** We can load -any- dol or elf now** this removes the entrypoint restriction** Fixed setting dol arguments** Reworked the hacks parser & loading code** Hacks menu is now scrollable** Changed Priiloader's Nand bootcode** Installer source is open source again** Added decent vWii detection code to the installer** Fixed a few online beta update version display bugs** restart checking controllers if launching HBC failed** libogc upgrade to 2.1.0*** Improved keyboard compatibility*** Improved 420p video output** fixed loading binary arguments** Reduce Priiloader size by loading the certs of NAND * New Features** Added the first Wii-mini hacks** Added option to use front buttons to navigate** Added offset support in the hacks** Added support for comments in the hacks** Added USB Keyboard support*** Meant for Wii-mini*** Works on all Wii's*** Mapping is as follows :**** A = Enter**** B = Esc**** X = X**** Y = Y**** Start = Spacebar**** Arrow keys : directions*** Hold escape to stop autoboot and enter the menu ===0.8.2 : Why wont won't you let me die!(10 October 2017)===
* Added support for open HBC
* refuse installation on WiiU(vWii)
(using a dirty check from Joostin)
* added option to shutdown to a certain app
* fixed arguments stuff when booting dol/elf files
* Added magic word to force autoboot ( 'Abra' )
===0.8.1 : DacoTaco's Wild Appearance(27 August 2015)===
* Fixed 'Save Settings' in Hacks menu

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