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Capitalization, regs -> registers
Hollywood I/O regs registers are at 0x0D80xxxx (Starlet private) and 0x0D00xxxx (shared with the Broadway). That is to say, the contents of 0x0D80xxxx are selectively mirrored to 0x0D0xxxxx. The broadway Broadway "sees" 0x0D00xxxx when it tries to access 0x0D80xxxx (that address bit is forced to zero). This changes depending on some of the registers (e.g. when MIOS is active). Starlet private peripherals, however, live in 0x0D0yxxxx for y!=0 and the Broadway can't see them.
The GDDR3 is at 0x10000000, 64MB of it; a configurable range is exclusive for use by the Starlet (IOS reserves the top 12MB), the rest is shared with the Broadway.


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