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'''WiiLauncher''' is a simple alternative to [[Gecko OS]] application. It has most of the Gecko OS features and has additional features for downloading and editing cheat codes.
| {{WiimoteAButton}} || Execute Chosen Menu Item
| {{WiimoteBButton}} || Homer Simpson Easter Egg in v0.2
# Cheat codes (GCT) file is saved into the SD card under the "codes" folder (so the cheat codes could be used when launching the associated game or channel)
# The cheat codes (GCT) file has the associated game-id in its name. As an example, for the Animal Crossing City Folk game (US region), the cheat codes (GCT) file name is "RUUE01.gct"
# In the downloading and processing cheat codes, this application also creates two three files ("wiilaunchercookie.txt", "wiilauncher.tmp" and "wiilauncher.cht") which are stored in the main folder of the SD card
===Edit Specific Cheat Codes Menu===
* Developers of: [[Gecko OS]], [[TinyLoad]], [[Ftpii]], [[WiiXplorer]], [[CleanRip]], wiiflow, [[ wiiflowWiiBrowser]]
* Other developers whose codes are reused in this wiibrew
* Thanks to all the people who helped testing this application
;What is the meaning of [?] symbol in front of the name of the cheat codes?
The symbol indicates that the cheat codes cannot be used without editing it. One or more cheat codes rows contain non hexadecimal characters
;I cannot toggle that [?] symbol to be either On, [+], or Off, [-]
You need to edit the cheat codes first and once it is done, the toggle becomes application automatically changes the flag or symbol to be Off, [-];Can I use this with Wii-U for WiiMode?Yes, you could
==Change Log==
===0.2 - April 20, 2014===
*Regain the ability to download cheat codes from by using libcurl
*Add specific treatments for WiiMode-WiiU
*Homer Simpson easter egg (hint: donut)
===0.1 - February 18, 2013===
*Initial beta testing release(reuploaded with r6 version of source codes)


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