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| title = CorsixTH
| image = [[File:CorsixTH-icon.png|200px]]
| version = 1.0102
| type = simulation game
| licence = MIT License
== Game Setup ==
CorsixTH requires the resource files from the original Theme Hospital game. If you don't have a copy of the original game you can get the demo version ([ available heredemo version]) (although it only has one level and is missing several features) or purchase it from []. Copy the HOSP folder from the original disc to somewhere on your SD/USB drive. When you start CorsixTH for the first time it should show a folder browser for you to locate this folder. It should then restart and go to the main menu.
== Music ==
== Source ==
CorsixTH uses SDL and LUA, both of which are included in the source archive ready to be built for the wii. Note that SDL has been modified specifically for CorsixTH, I don't recommend using this build as-is for other projects (however some of the modifications are improvements over Tantric's SVN).<br>
Modifications to the original Corsix-TH source include endian fixes and a LRU cache for the graphicsand sound effects, to make it them fit in the wii's limited available memory.<br>
It is possible to update the game's LUA files from Corsix-TH's SVN as long as no changes are made to the back-end.
== Changelog ==
- Updates from Corsix-TH SVN.<br>
- Reduce memory usage to avoid out of memory errors, especially when switching language:
: - NAND based virtual memory used to hold the current audio library, reduces working set from ~16MB to ~512KB
: - LRU cache for sound effects
- <i>Many</i> fixes from Corsix-TH SVN. Including (but not limited to) no more stuck patients or handymen, variable speed doctors, doctor promotions, patients sometimes vomit/litter/wet themselves...<br>

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