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Super Mario Doom is for GZDoom and uses features that PrBoom (and by extension, WiiDoom) does not have. I've also updated the page to inform users what is likely to work and what won't.
PWADs can be loaded in the order you choose when launching the program. the start screen allows the player to choose one IWAD (required) and one PWAD. The name of the WAD in the PWAD folder cannot be longer than 4 characters.
The PWAD [ designed for+download! Super Mario Doom]"advanced feature" source ports, for instancelike EDGE or ports in the ZDoom family are not likely to work on WiiDoom, since it is known based on PrBoom. A good guideline to use it to workmake sure that the WADs specify whether they are designed for "vanilla", "limit-removing", or "Boom/Boom based" source ports, as anything else has a good chance of not working.
'''Other WADs that work:'''

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