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== Remove the Progressive video setting ==
I hope I'm not the only one with this damn problem. Whevener I bootup VBAGX the main rom loader screen appears (like normal), I select a Doom. I start a new game. Then the game starts lagging to hell. I bootup Doom 2, same problem. So I mess with the video settings and happened to set the video type to Progressive. The screen goes black. I exit the in game menu. The game is running but no video. What the fuck... Just what the fuck... I then assume that I can make the menu appear again by switching video types. Nope. I hear the menu noise. But no video STILL!!! I can't play my fucking GBA roms unless I delete the fucking emulator!!!! Add the video settings to the main settings menu in the rom loader. OR BETTER, REMOVE "PROGRESSIVE" FROM THE VIDEO MODE OPTION. Also, on an unrelated note. Why is VBAGX so different from FCEUGX and SNES9XGX? The colors are wierd gradiants of green and purple. and the music is different. And VBAGX doesn't have cheat support. Also some games like Doom and Doom 2 don't run nicely, and Klonoa Heroes - Densetsu no Star Medal don't work at all. So please for the love of God and all that is holy. fix these problems and add cheat support whenever you have time. --<small>—Preceding unsigned comment added by [[User:HellBlade64|HellBlade64  4]] ([[User talk:HellBlade64|talk]] • [[Special:Contributions/HellBlade64|contribs]]) 22:32 (-5, Eastern Standard Time) 22 July 22nd, 2012(CEST)</small>
== In-App Update Failed ==


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