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This is to act as a central point for the requesting, suggesting, and possibly voting on potential logos and audio for projects related to Wii homebrew. Needless to say, all images must be released under an acceptable free license (it will be included in a GPLv2 program) and contain no copyrighted imagery. Each request can be thought of as a "contest". Be sure to spread the word to anyone you think would be interested about current contests!


Many users appear to be coming here to submit artwork, bypassing the Introduction, and aren't familiar with how to use a wiki. If you are a user who wants to post some artwork but cannot figure out how, the following articles will be very helpful:

Try your best to follow existing formatting, but if you can't do it someone will fix it for you.

Be sure to add usernames in alphabetical order and pictures in order of release.

Because this page is receiving such large amounts of traffic not related to the rest of the wiki, it is exempt from the Loose Rules and offending users will not be penalized. That said, the page still needs to be constantly checked and fixed for common errors. Some of the most common have been:

  • Not adding new usernames and entries according to alphabetical order
  • Irregular capitalization and grammar. Just follow standard rules of US English grammar.
  • Pictures not linked correctly
  • (Add any others)

Please fix these problems when you see them.

Contest: General Homebrew Logo (INACTIVE)

Contest: Homebrew channel banner music (FINISHED)

The winner is drmr! Congratulations! Great job everyone :) Full archive.


direct link


Contest: Homebrew channel banners (FINISHED)

The winner is souLLy. Congratulations! Well done to everyone involved; we got some awesome entries! Full archive.

Original Submission:


Current Banner:

Homebrew channel logo.png

Contest: Zelda Chainloader Logo (FINISHED)

Started by segher. The winning image was Image:Chainloader.png by dasda. The full contest is archived.