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Server: irc.efnet.net

This is best for everyone; Devs that want to develop can do so in #wiidev, People in search of help (and people who have enough time to help others) can find that on #wiihelp. For more advanced questions, however, such as those related to the more difficult aspects of developing, you may be directed to #wiidev, or if you deem it advanced enough you can go there yourself.

This is a very basic introduction to the IRC channel #wiidev on EFnet. We would like you to take a few minutes to make yourself familiar with its purpose and what we consider some basic rules to make your visit an agreeable experience for everyone.

Before you join the channel, and if you haven't already done so, please take a look at Wiibrew FAQ and Homebrew status to get a general overview of the state of affairs. After you join the channel, please spend some time watching the subjects of conversation before joining in -- unless you're absolutely positive you have something novel to contribute.

If you need help setting up Wii homebrew, and are not interested in development, please come to the noob-friendly #wiihelp on EFnet

Over the months of Wii homebrew developments, #wiidev has become a high-traffic channel with more than 250 users at any time given. Please understand that we have to set up a few guidelines, and that we are willing to enforce them if necessary.


The good: What #wiidev is for

The point of #wiidev is to bring together people who have an interest in -- and ability to -- help further homebrew development on the Wii platform.

The language used on #wiidev is English. If you want to talk to someone in another language, please do it in a private message or another channel. As a channel for international information exchange, everyone benefits from using the same language.

The bad: What #wiidev is not for

  • User support for homebrew software. While you may be able to run across homebrew developers in #wiidev, it is not a support forum where everyone is supposed to help you make an application, game, or emulator work. A much more appropriate place to ask for support regarding a specific application is the discussion page of its entry here in the Wiibrew wiki. For this sort of chat, please come to the noob-friendly #wiihelp on EFnet!
  • Speculation: We do not discuss what evil secret plans Nintendo may have, or other conspiration theories for that reason.
  • Wishlists: We don't particularly care about sentences beginning with "I wish there was", simply because most of the times it means "please create this for me". The tools and the info are there -- if you want it to be done, do it yourself.
  • Release dates: No developer in his or her right mind will tell you a release date, and we don't know about Nintendo's release schedule. Questions regarding release dates are really pointless.
  • Sharing code examples -- use one of the ubiquituous paste web sites, and state its URL instead.
  • General chit-chat, related to Wii or not. This means: No funny YouTube clips, no cool web sites, no discussion about the latest games, no semi-retarded internet memes. You will see random chat topics come up in conversation amongst regulars, but this is by no means an indicator that you may do the same.

The above topics are discouraged on #wiidev. There's a much better place for this: Join #wiidevot on EFnet for all your off-topic needs.

And the ugly: What will not be tolerated

The #wiidev ops can and will enforce kicks and bans for talk about what we consider downright bad for the homebrew community, such as

  • Copyright infringement: Warez, VC, and WiiWare piracy. This includes talk about "backups", regardless of their legality, and tools related to piracy. Yes, that includes modchips.
    • This also includes WADs, unless you're talking about a specific case of a legal WAD (e.g. installing an IOS from a disc). Innocent until proven guilty does not apply here, so please make clear that you are using a legal WAD (explain your scenario exactly but quickly) rather than keeping it vague and risking a ban.
    • In general, be very specific when you talk about topics that are often associated with piracy, or we might associate you with piracy.
  • Copyrighted content: Nintendo's own SDK, game resource files, leaked stuff
  • Playing IRC games: We have our own bots and our own scripts, do not bring yours along. Don't overtly announce your reason for being away, what song you are listening to, or other irrelevant info. Do not announce yourself every time you join a channel (that includes "re" and "back" every time you're back). And don't use an auto-rejoin script -- kicks are not tests for your scripts.
  • Advertisement: no announcing of web sites or channels, unless they are particularly relevant to the current discussion. In any case, if there is a better Wiibrew page, give that instead, and never give links to sites that advocate piracy (backups) or any other illegal activity!

If you have been kicked and/or banned, have read and understood the rules, and you still think the ban was unfair first try to contact the op who banned you. If he doesn't respond you may contact another op. Bans are the business between the op and the banned. If somebody else has been banned it is none of your concern. Discussing other people's bans is unproductive, annoying to everyone else, and will not be tolerated.


See also: WiiBrew talk:IRC channel

The Questions

Hi, I can't code/reverse engineer/test but I would like to help, what can I do?
You are very welcome to hang around and watch the events, as long as you don't participate in off-topic talk (see above).

Hey, I have this really great idea ...
Even though chances are good someone else already had it, you are very welcome to grab the necessary tools and implement it. If you are looking for a coder to carry out your idea, be sensible about it. Most coders have their own plan, although some might be susceptible to constructive input.

I have a cool Wiimote/Glovepie script/tool/program
Yes, we know there are many nifty things you can do with the input it provides, but this is Wii development. Unless you can make it provide MORE input, do not mention it on #wiidev.

Does homebrew run yet?
Yes. Have a look at the Homebrew status for more info.

How can I do ... on Wii?
Please read the manual, or search the net. This channel is meant to be used to discuss Wii development, not everything relating to the Wii.

Is it possible to launch Gamecube software/homebrew on the Wii using Wii homebrew methods?
If the program's author has not already ported the program to Wii, Wii Gamecube Homebrew Launcher may work.

Is it possible to make an isoloader?
Yes, but we are not going to tell you how or provide one for you. We do not discuss topics related to copyright infringement, please refrain from asking.

Can you help me with this emulator?
We do not discuss topics related emulators, please refrain from asking.

Can you help me (Install /Find/Extract/ETC) a WAD?
No. Aside from WiiDoom and updating IOS by hand, there's a 99% chance you don't have a legitimate reason for having said WAD. Read this: http://hackmii.com/2008/06/wads-and-isos-the-warez-connection/

Really want to help? Become an Editor!

Help is always needed here on the wiki! Check out how to contribute.

Sibling channels

We have more than one channel for different subjects:

  • #wiidev on EFnet - Development of homebrew and fallback for #hackmii
  • #wiihelp on EFnet - Use of homebrew
  • #wiibrew on EFnet - Wiki talk
  • #hackmii on EFnet - Reverse engineering, muted, you need to ask for voice (publicly logged)
  • #wiiudev on EFnet - Development of Wii U homebrew
  • #wiiuhelp on EFnet - Waiting to help with Wii U homebrew
  • #dsidev on EFnet - Development of DSi homebrew
  • #dsihelp on EFnet - Waiting to help with DSi homebrew

We also have several off topic channels:

  • #wiidevot on EFnet - Off topic chat for people of the other channels
  • #wiidevmk on EFnet - Lobby for Mario Kart games
  • #wiidevssbb on EFnet - Lobby for SSBB games
  • #wiihelpot on EFnet - Fallback channel for the guys who constantly help others on #wiihelp Chances are, while you're being a n00b on #wiihelp, you're getting made fun of here.
  • #dsidevot on EFnet - Offtopic DSi development channel
  • #dsihelpot on EFnet - Waiting to be a fallback place for people waiting to help with DSi Homebrew