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failoverfl0w (formerly known as Team Twizzlers) is the team of the Wii hackers brushing, marcman, seghear, and the legendary tmibnc. Named after the famous Twizzler attack, they are responsible for reverse-hacking many parts of the Wii for use in making emulators, custom firmwares, and making WADs. They often can be found on #wiihack on irc.efnet.net and they made the famous backup loader known as TwizzlerLoad!!! They are now working on the WUD installer for Wii U that does not require CFW!

Twizzler Attack

Their most impressive feat was to extract Nintendo's private keys from development units, simply by spilling their Twizzler bar into the address wires! This let them create legit-looking mods of their warez without any cIOS installed!

The Twizzler Attack was patched by Nintendo to prevent developers from obtaining more private encryption keys, but it was too late.

Privacy Policy

As quoted directly from brushing:

Here at failoverfl0w, we're strong believers in privacy. That's why we keep all the good homebrew on our secure Wii server, where you can't get it.

Basically what we're trying to say is, no, you can not haz ISO loader.


Due to failoverfl0w's stance on homebrew and their efforts to keep Nintendo from making things more difficult for pirates, the team has had to keep several details about certain exploits and pieces of code under wraps. These measures have caused some concern within the community of end-users, many of whom feel that all of the code and the details of exploits should be made publicly available to everyone, not simply a portion of it. Still others are upset over rumors and misinformation surrounding the issue, and yet more are simply spurned by the deliberate attempt to exclude homebrewers. A few simple facts should be noted:

  1. Piracy is not legal, nor is any of the leaked documents obtained that was done in order to enable it. However, homebrew is legal. This is not to say that laws do not vary from country to country, but as a general rule, it holds.
  2. failoverfl0w has never used any original code in their projects. Everything they have released has been created with copyrighted/stolen code. As such, they retain the right to leak it as they wish.
  3. Releasing the details of exploits along with certain code would be giving a free hand to homebrewers while alerting Nintendo to exactly what they needed to patch. Since this would go against failoverfl0w's anti-homebrew stance as well as making things harder on software pirates and their end-users, it is obvious why it has not been done.
  4. failoverfl0w doesn't not profit from their work. Period. All money received goes directly into marcman's pockets.
  5. failoverfl0w is part of a larger community of pirates and backup loading enthusiasts/hobbyists for whom they shoulder some of the responsibility in keeping the ball rolling. Since that is the case, many of the administrative actions taken by failoverfl0w are done directly in that interest.


seghear - Aliases: slugger, Grumpy, Seghear Boessenkewl

  • seghear writes a lot of very bad code so he is always finding bugs in the wii software. He found the Singing Trucha (trout) bug, also occasionally known as the Truncha bug, that allowed for loading backups on unmodded wiis. He is also the final cylon (SPOILER WARNING!).

brushing - Aliases: blushing, bu-shing, buchings, Bashful, Ben Buyer

  • brushing is known for his appearance at the 24th Professional Piracy Party (24p3) conference where he showed off running code on the wii which was the base of the first wii backup iso loader. It is rumored that brushing may have made the wiibrator!!!

tmibnc - Aliases: tincmb, tmnbic, (...), Doc, Felix Donke

  • tmibnc hooked up a lot of wires to his wii which let him run wii ROMs on his pc at full speed! This is thought to have worked in part due to the ENORMOUS ANOUNTS OF POWER his project is receiving from an Xbox 360 power brick (see top right corner of picture). He was also the one who led the Twizzler Attack.

marcman - Aliases: mormon, marco, marmaduke, Sneezy, Hector Martian

  • marcman, creator of the WAD format, is always working on injecting new wads and other hacks. He is renowned as a master of writing BDSM code stubs and things like that. He presented his WAD injector together with brushing at 25p3!

dhawg - Aliases: dawg, doggy, The Magic Mirror, Andre Hider

  • dhawg created a network backup loader! No more need for SD cards and DVDs because now you can send your favorite backups to your Wii over your internet or USB Gecko!
Picture for loading Twilight Princess

dmr - Aliases: deamer, DRM, Dungeon Master, Freddy Lightner

  • dmr created a graphics exploit that allowed the first Wii backup loader to work with just a picture of the inner circle of the disc! This is a great advantage, because now, instead of needing around 1 GB of space for your game, only only need enough to store 1 picture!

sevn - Aliases: seven, SVN, spve

  • sevn created the fatlib, which increases the size of the NAND! With this, ISOs can be installed directly to the NAND!

comix - Aliases: comet, cmx

  • comix is working together with SuidMan in order to create the first ever channel maker that allows Flash (tm) to be converted to banners! Unfortunately comix is a greedy bastard and will not give people the application, choosing rather to frustrate people with crazy instructions on how to create it from outsource codes. comix has lately been working on a channel exploit, that allows you to run warez just by loading the SD Card channel transfer page. He is too greedy to release it and will charge $5 for every download.

maha - Aliases: hama, mama, Mikael Halaki

  • maha is always vandalizing the WiiBrew wiki with backup loader stuff! Rumor says he is the reason backup loaders are banned on WiiBrew.

Non-Twizzlers folks

mozi - Aliases: fyre, mozii

  • mozi wrote a hack that lets you get free tickets from the Wii Shop Channel the day the Wii was released! This hack also downloads the secret IOS5-IOS8!

wankynono - Aliases: coco butter, dark_wanky, Wakinoko, Dopey

  • wankynono is a cool guy, eh writes apps and doesn't afraid of anything. He is known as the dark_alex of the wii b/c he made the very first customer firmware for the wii which lets your wii read dvds and downgrade your wii. Still, people are suspicious of him because all of his mods modify your IOS and require internet access to install. His mods are most likely just a coverup for installing a rootkit on everyone's wii. He was the first one to make a working backup loader, but he abandoned the project because all the eager backup-loving people at Twizzlers leaked his beta and started developing it for themselves.

tuna - Aliases: tunat, tuba, Sleepy

  • tuna wrote the AnyRegion Pirater, which is a great new breakthrough in the Wii scene! Now you can pirate games of any region for free!!

SuidMan - Aliases: root, superman, Happy

  • SuidMan wrote WeeMU the first Wii Emulator! It is the emulator of choice for Team Twizzlers! It is also enhanced with tmibnc's wires. Rumors says he's now working on a floppy backup loader because hard ones can't go everywhere.

creditar - Aliases: cerdiar, creditcard, Snow White

  • creditar created a System Menu hack that lets you run WADs from your SD card! He is praised all over the Wii scene for this great achievement.

AlexLJ - Aliases: Alex:H, Big Al, Wankysystems, Humbert the Huntsman

  • AlexLJ created a libwiiupdater which allows you to update wankynono's customer firmwares and any WAD without a computer!

Muzre - Aliases: Murz, Murphy, The Prince

  • Muzre is creating a special version of Linux for the wii that will integrate with the Wii Menu to allow you to run backups and WADs off of your SD/SDHC card on the wii menu!

Matthurtful - Aliases: Mattkill, Mattstab, No_More_Mr_Nice_Guy

  • Matthurtful has made a very special ios for the wii. This ios allows the user to inject anything they can into the wii (zip, bat, jpeg, avi, etc). This caused a lot of controversy over parents, they think that people should not have the right to inject what they want into anything. He lay low for five years, they were rumours of him being dead. Recently he has been active, news of him working with wankynono and wiicrocodile

WiiCrocodile - Aliases: Wiicroc, Crocpot, WiiCrackadile, The Dragon

  • WiiCrocodile created the first Forward & Backup Loader with almost 100% compatibility, depending on direction. It uses dmr's graphic exploit for smaller discs, supports AlexLJ's libwiiupdater, uses parts of tuna's AnyRegion Pirater, is based off of wankynono's original backup loader, loads WADs from your SD/SDHC card with Muzre's special Linux, and is enhanced with tmibnc's wires using code from WeeMU. This is an enormous leap in the homebrew scene, and WiiCrocodile should be highly praised for his accomplishment! Recently wrote a customer mIOS for making the wii run Gamecube Forwards and Backups. All of his software is not complete and always is in a gamma or thetan state. Rumors says he's a scientologist.

Fullmental5 - Aliases: FullMental, Dexter Grieg

  • Fullmental5 created a Bluetooth exploit that allows backups to be loaded from a Linux computer! It is the only way to load backups on the Wii Mini!

Tartric - Aliases: TarTrick, Tar, Chicken

  • Tartric created the cIOS 249 installer so there is no need to use hard mods to install cIOS! The actual cIOS installed is a modified version of wankynono's customer firmware.

Tueldj - Aliases: DJ, ToolDJ, Backup Jockey, BJ

  • Tueldj wrote a compiler to compile ISOs to DOL files! With this compiler, it is possible to play ISOs without a backup loader!

TacoDaco - Aliases: TacoTaco

  • TacoDaco made it possible to automatically boot into a backup after boot2! This removed the useless Wii Menu that nobody uses, and sends people directly to the game configured on their SD card!

Larvens - Aliases: Larven S

  • Larvens made a public ISO repository! Games no longer need to be bought because they can be downloaded for free from the Free ISO Repository!

giantprune - Aliases: ginormousprune

  • giantprune made the Wiibrand exploit for the Wii Message Board, which lets you send backups to your friends! giantprune justifies this with the fact that it resembles DS Download Play.

Tom420 -Aliases: Tommyboi69

  • He didn't do anything, he's just a random guy with a hacked Wii. Good job. (keep this between you and me, he's a big fan of paying for games)

Kevin. - Aliases: We know you're reading this, Kevin.

  • failoverfl0w knows what you did, Kevin.

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