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The objective of 3YOG is to knock the ball in the hole with Pushers (A) and Bursts (-). If all else fails use the Magnet (B). The score is incremented at the end of the level for each Pusher and Burst left. The score is decremented when the Magnet is used. There is a Score bonus for quickly knocking the ball in into the target.


Wiimote1.svg Point at the screen
Wiimote A Button Launch a Pusher
Template:Wiimote-Button Launch a Burst
Wiimote B Button Use the Magnet (costs points)
Wiimote HOME Button Main Menu

Screen Shot


Items of Interest

  • Inkscape is your friend if you can't draw and you want some crisp looking graphics.
  • Improved MP3 background library with .Wav sound effects (see BibLib/BibMp3.cpp and BibLib/BibSound.cpp)



Version Notes

  • Current version is 0.1

Changes for Version 0.1 release:

  • First Release