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{| class="wikitable" style="left;text-align:center;"
{| class="wikitable" style="left;text-align:center;"
! {{Wiimote}}/{{Nunchuk}}/{{ClassicController}} !! Action
! {{Wiimote}}/{{Nunchuck}}/{{ClassicController}} !! Action
| {{WiimoteDPadUp}}/{{WiimoteDPadDown}}  || Move pointer
| {{WiimoteDPadUp}}/{{WiimoteDPadDown}}  || Move pointer
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===In game===
===In game===
{| class="wikitable" style="left;text-align:center;"
{| class="wikitable" style="left;text-align:center;"

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Wiibreaker is a simple brickbreaker game I made because one of my artists for Wii Shooting Gallery, Azza123, said there were no brickbreaker games out for Wii homebrew. Thus, I have created WiiBreaker. In total, this first release took about two weekends to write.

It now has three modes.

Once the ball falls below the screen 3 times, you lose.



Wiimote.svg/Nunchuck alternative.svg/ClassicController.svg Action
Wiimote D-Pad Up/Wiimote D-Pad Down Move pointer
Wiimote D-Pad Left/Wiimote D-Pad Right Change what the pointer's pointing at

In game

Wiimote.svg ClassicController.svg Nunchuck alternative.svg WiiBalanceBoard.svg Action
Wiimote D-Pad or Wii Remote Aim Classic D-Pad Nunchuck C Button/Nunchuck Z Button or Nunchuck Control Stick Shift body to left & right Move paddle

NOTE: If using the Wii Balance Board, pause the game if you feel unbalanced.

Level Editor Control Scheme

Wiimote.svg Action
Wiimote A Button Pick up brick
Wiimote B Button Drop brick
Wiimote - Button Save Pattern
Wiimote + Button Load Pattern
Wiimote D-Pad Choose color for selected brick
Wiimote 1 Button + Wiimote 2 Button Reset Bricks
Wiimote HOME Button Play Pattern


Wiimote.svg/ClassicController.svg Action
Wiimote + Button Pause game
Wiimote HOME Button Return to System Menu/Loader
Wiimote Power Button Turn off the Wii


Extract the .zip directly to the inside of your apps folder


User Generated Backgrounds

Since the 0.3 release, players have been able to enable backgrounds as they play. However, I think the game is best played with a background you made.

Heres how to make and use your own:

Make a .png image with the dimensions 640x480

Save it as either background1.png, background2.png, or background3.png.

Put the image into the data folder in the WiiBreaker folder.

Make sure you get rid of or change the name of the existing image you are replacing.

How to let other people use your backgrounds:

If you want other people to be able to use your backgrounds, please make 3 backgrounds and put them into a .zip file. Then either e-mail me the .zip or upload the .zip to the internet and then e-mail me the link. I will put the file/link onto the Wiibrew page for the app. Remember to only put the backgrounds into the .zip Do not resend the entire app to me.

How to use someone elses backgrounds

If you want to use someone elses backgrounds put them into the data folder in the WiiBreaker folder, making sure to replace the existing background images with them.

Its that easy everyone. Please do not e-mail me questions that I have already answered in the text above.

Once again my e-mail address is: castlevania7689 <at> yahoo <dot> com

Level Editor

Making your own levels with the level editor will save them as the file pattern1.pattern Send me your pattern1.pattern files and they may make into WiiBreaker mode for the next release. Furthermore, feel free to distribute them to your friends for them to play.

NOTE: You can only have one pattern file (named pattern1.pattern) in your data folder at a time. Future releases may increase the available number of pattern files.

Design Document

I have included a design document in the .zip just for fun. It has everything that I would like to be included in the final release.

About the source

The source code to this game is available on request. Request it by e-mailing me: castlevania7689 <at> yahoo <dot> com

This is done to stop clones of my game from spawning all over the internet.

Also of note; the source code is powered by libwiisprite and FreeTypeGX. It uses libfat 1.0.2 and libogc 1.7.1

Special Thanks

Thanks to Aaron (Azza123) who gave me the idea for Wiibreaker and who currently does all of the artwork for Wiibreaker.

Thanks to PeterdeMan for making the two absolutely amazing, jawdropping music tracks. In my mind, they are about the best music tracks anywhere in the Wii homebrew scene.

Thanks to WarpedFlash for allowing me to bring over one of his Wii Shooting Gallery crosshairs.

Thanks to Ave for his library allowing me to achieve font support.

Thanks to Tantric, Koopa, and ekeeke for helping me achieve saving and loading of files.

Thanks to Tantric and scanff for giving me a bit of assistance with looping mp3 files.

Thanks to the people running the homebrew browser (teknecal?), thus allowing more people to easily run my software.

Thanks to Chaosteil for developing the libwiisprite library.

Thanks to Team Twiizers for originally hacking the Wii.

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded my other applications as well as Wiibreaker.

Version History

0.5 - Ball now moves in 12 directions instead of 4 - 3 distinct modes (Brickbreaker, WiiBreaker, Level Editor) - A little bit of "new" artwork - Each control scheme tweaked (based on feedback from people) - 2 Tracks of Background Music - Highscore system changed to compensate the new modes (except level editor) - Highscores are now saved

0.3 - All of the artwork, including the icon, has been redone by Azza123 - Bricks are randomly assigned different colors - Signifigant changes to the overall game - SDHC Support - Power Button Support - Bug Fixes - User Generated Backgrounds - IR Sensor Control Scheme - A far better menu (font support and its sorta interactive) - Pause Feature - Balance Board Control Scheme - Sound Support (sucks, but its there and turned off by default) - 1 Highscore for each control scheme

0.2 - All Collision Detection Problems Fixed - Highscoring - Nunchuk Support - Classic Controller Support - Only rumbles when expansion controllers are not plugged in - HBC 9 Support

0.1 - First private and public release.

Final Thoughts

0.5 is a groundbreaking release for WiiBreaker for a couple of reasons. First off, it allows you save and load files; Something I've never programmed before. Also, we have 3 distinct modes which upcoming releases will center around. Finally, we have some great background music adding a layer of proffessionalism and appeal to WiiBreaker.

Please share questions, comments, and ideas with me at: castlevania7689 <at> yahoo <dot> com I can also be found floating around the Wiibrew and occasionaly the Tehskeen forums. On a rare occasion, I can be found in the #wiihelp and/or #wiidev IRC. Right now, I'm still actively creating new releases for my apps on Wiibrew. Thanks for playing, reading, downloading and the like.