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== Changelog ==
== Changelog ==
alpha v0.24a
* Fixed the main page hyperlink to //a
alpha v0.24
alpha v0.24

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A simple web-server for the Wii.
Still is very early stages of development and at present can only display a built in test page.

Dev time : 7 Hours


Twilt made a nice hbc banner



Boot using normal methods *cough* HBC *cough*. Once running, will run itself. To quit, type "//quit" at the end of the web-address, so - "192.168.0.X//quit", will now return to HBC


alpha v0.24a

  • Fixed the main page hyperlink to //a

alpha v0.24

  • Changed /a to //a and /quit to //quit to avoid conflicts
  • Request parser rewritten, now quicker and more streamlined

alpha v0.23

  • Now doesn't have to restart the server to serve more than one page (i.e presseing B then A)
  • Quitting the server is from a server path of "/quit"

alpha v0.22

  • Handles links

alpha v0.21

  • Now detects the HTTP/1.x version as requested by the browser

alpha v0.2 - First fully web-page serving release

  • Now serves a built in test page
  • No longer needs telnet
  • Forced use of HTTP/1.1

alpha v0.11

  • Serves html to telnet (don't know why)
  • Can accept multiple connections (not at once)

alpha v0.1

  • Added Gamecube control menu control
  • Added GRRLIB logo
  • Added return to loader
  • Opens port 80
  • Opens a socket and allows for connection
  • Accepts connection on open socket at port 80