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Wii Signer

Wii Signer is a simple PC Utility that lets you fakesign Wii tickets and TMDs. At present, this program is fully capable of packing/unpacking a WAD, and decrypting the app files.

Wii Signer
TypePC utility

WII SIGNER HAS BEEN MOVED TO PYTHON! You need to download Python to use this.



Resign Wii Tickets
Resign Wii TMD's
Auto-Fix Filesize
Auto-Fix SHA-1 Hash


View TMD (allows you to view all records in a TMD in a table format)
GUI via Glade/GTK


The real power of this program comes in using it interactively (which, if you have used python before, you probably already know how to do). However, there are a few useful options that can be invoked at the command line:

-o, --output: override the output file/directory's name,
-f, --file: a wad to unpack into a directory,
-d, --directory: a directory to pack into a wad,
-u, --update: a directory to look for a TMD and app files, then write correct SHA-1 hashes and filesizes into the TMD and fakesign it (use -o to not overwrite the old TMD)