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The virtual console (VC) is a platform to play retro games on your Nintendo Wii. For more information about the VC visit the VC page of Wikipedia.

Internal game names

The folders in which the Virtual Console files (content.bin) are saved have systematic, four-character names. The first character tells us what system the ROM belongs to.

E : Neo-Geo
H : Wii channels (Only for saved channels, not VC)
L : Master System
M : Genesis/Mega Drive
N : N64
P : TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine
Q : TurboGrafx-CD
R : Wii DVD (Only for savegames, not VC)
W : WiiWare

The second and third char is the game identifier. For non-Wii games, it is incremented from AA to AZ, then A0 to A9, BA to BZ and so on; for Wii games, it is often an abbreviation of the game name (e.g. "SP" for Wii Sports, "ZD" for Zelda).

The last character is the regioncode.

J : Japan
P : Europe (and other PAL regions)
D : Germany (only if separate version)
F : France (only if separate version)
A : All (?, only seen on channels)
L : Limited (region free games)

Let's take F-Zero as an example. The folder for F-Zero (USA) is named JACE. The 'J' tells us it's a SNES game, followed by 'AC' which tells us this is probably the third game released for the SNES and the 'E' tells us it's a USA release.

The content.bin file

When saved to a SD card, the VC game is saved in a file named "private/wii/title/XXXX/content.bin", where XXXX is the four-character name of the game, as described above.

See the content.bin file format page for details of this format, which is shared with Wii channels.

Virtual Console ID List

The fourth letter not listed.

Commodore 64 ID