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Wii Quizz
Wii Quizz.png
Wiimote1.svg Loads files from the Front SD slot

Wii Quizz is an homebrew that let you answer to various quizz. You can play lot of quizz mode (other mode will be added in the futur). This game Use french quizz questions.

Use: GRRLIB, libogc, libpng et wiiuse.


Controller Button Action
Wiimote1.svg Wiimote A Button Click
Wiimote1.svg Wiimote B Button Return
Wiimote1.svg Wiimote HOME Button Quit

Quizz mode

Course au million

In this mode, you have to get one million of $ answering various questions. You don't have to lose. This mode look like the TVshow "Who want to be millionaire?" but without joker. The difficulty increases at each questions.


  • Add another quizz mode
  • Add sound :
    • Add music
    • Add little sound spitch
    • Add voice
  • Add save to front SD card
  • Add options menu with save
  • Add highscores with save
  • Turn the led of the Wii DVD on when the answer is the good one
  • Add the possibility to have 4 wiimote on screen at the same time
  • Fixe the on screen flicker on the "Bonne réponse" or "Mauvaise réponse" message.


  • alex56 (logo HBC)
  • Pikajuju
  • Tomiz
  • Team Twiizers
  • WiiGen
  • librarys : GRRLIB, libogc, libpng and wiiuse.