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Wii Homebrew Launcher is an interface similar to that of the Wii menu. It allows you to start homebrew stored on your SD card in the Wii front SD slot. Each program is represented by its own customizable "channel".


  • Copy boot.elf to an SD card
  • Create a folder named homebrew on the root of the SD card. (X:\homebrew)
  • For each homebrew:
    • Create a folder in the homebrew folder(Max 8 symbols long)(X:\homebrew\12345678)
    • Place The elf in that folder and name it "boot.elf"
    • OPTIONAL: For a custom name: add a "title.txt" containing the channel's title
    • OPTIONAL: For a custom image: add a "title.bmp", it has to be a 24-bits bitmap of 132x95 pixels.
  • Any files related to a homebrew can be put anywhere, despite what it may seem in the example.


It can only be launched from the Twilight Hack or the Homebrew Channel. It requires the use of a Wiimote or a GameCube controller.

  • D-pad: Select a channel
  • A: Launch the channel
  • R/L: Change page (more than 11 homebrew channels)
  • Z: Refresh the channel list.



If you have any problem with the display you can manually set the video mode. Just put a file named system.ini in the system\config\ folder of your SD card, and choose one of the following setting:

VideoMode = auto
# VideoMode = PAL
# VideoMode = mPAL
# VideoMode = euRGB60
# VideoMode = NTSC

Lines beginning with the # are comments.


To install a translation unzip the archive in the root of your SD card. Check the Downloads section for available translations.

To make your own translation, create a file called lang.ini and put it in the system\config\ folder. Each line is a message to be translated. Only modify what is on the right of the = sign. Here is an example:

NoHomebrewFound = No Homebrew found
HomebrewMenu    = Homebrew menu
Return          = Return
WiiMenu         = Wii menu
RestartLoader   = Restart loader
Shutdown        = Shutdown Wii
Press           = Press


Skins must be installed in the SYSTEM/THEME folder of your SD card. To make your own skin you must create 11 24-bits bitmaps:

  • bar.bmp : Bar at the bottom of the screen
  • Bkgr.bmp : Background
  • Button1.bmp : Unselected button
  • Button2.bmp : Selected button
  • Default.bmp : Default icon for homebrew channel
  • Empty.bmp : Empty icon for homebrew channel
  • Font.bmp : Font
  • Right.bmp : Right arrow
  • Left.bmp : Left arrow
  • Select.bmp : Image for selected channel
  • Sprite.bmp : Mask to apply at channel icon *bar.bmp

Images could have any size, except default.bmp and sprite.bmp. They need to be 192 x 95 pixels.

The transparent color is (R:255 G:0 B:255), transparency works for all images, except default.bmp and Bkgr.bmp.

You must also create a file called theme.ini with the following information:

ColorFontBar = 0xFA79FA82
ColorFontMenu = 0x80808080
ColorMenu = 0x00800080
BackgroundInMenu = 1

Colours are in the Wii format and not in RGB. Here are some examples taken from the libogc library:

Name Code
BLACK 0x00800080
MAROON 0x266A26C0
GREEN 0x4B554B4A
OLIVE 0x7140718A
NAVY 0x0EC00E75
TEAL 0x59955940
GRAY 0x80808080
SILVER 0xC080C080
RED 0x4C544CFF
LIME 0x952B9515
YELLOW 0xE100E194


  • Version 0.4
  • Version 0.4 Channel Installer by Nunim (NOTE: WAD files can be very dangerous. If there is anything wrong with the file, or if anything goes wrong with the installation, your Wii will be irreversibly bricked. DO NOT attempt to use this unless you fully understand the risks involved. Again, if anything goes wrong with the process, YOUR WII WILL NEVER WORK AGAIN. Only use this file if you are okay with this.)
  • Homebrew pack - 8 Wii homebrew apps in the correct format for the launcher (including images)