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Wii Home
Author(s)CashMan's Productions
TypeSystem tool
Wiimote1.svg SensorBar.svg Loads files from SDHC cards in the Front SD slot
This homebrew application makes permanent changes to the Wii's NAND, thus, this application should be used with caution.

It is recommended to have a NAND backup with either BootMii as boot2 or Priiloader with BootMii as IOS installed before proceeding with the usage of this application.

Wii Home is a "plugin" for Preloader.


Wii Home is a homebrew which launches at startup of the Wii. You can, on the menu, select if you want go to the System Menu or to the HBC. You can also customize Wii Home with a theme of your choice.


Wiimote.svg WiiDrawing.svg Action
Wii Remote Aim Move the cursor
Wiimote A Button Select
Wiimote Power Button Wii POWER Button Standby



  • Added the possibility of launching a channel of your choice :
    • Set the ID of the channel in a channel.txt file for example for the homebrew Channel it is 1JODI (folder + title). Replace the first number by...
      • 1 = 00010001
      • 2 = 00010002
      • 4 = 00010004
      • 8 = 00010008
  • Ability to launch the Homebrew Channel or channel of your choice by pressing the 1 button to change the second option button.
  • Added an emergency button. Pressing the RESET button will jump on the Wii Menu.
  • Added the version of Wii Home. To see the version press the + button.


  • Compiled with DevKitPPC r18 and libOGC 1.8.0
  • Now compatible with Homebrew Channel 1.0.5 or superior


  • Changed default font
  • Added UTF-8 characters support with the new font
  • Better English translation
  • Better French translation
  • Better Spanish translation
  • Using Dollz 3.0 to have a little size (943 ko -> 559 ko : 384 ko earned)


  • Added multi-languages support. Detect the language of the console. English is the default language.
  • Added French support
  • Added German support
  • Added Spanish support
  • Added Italian support
  • Added Dutch support
  • Added possibility to change the cursor in png format. The cursor must be cursor.png and must be 96*96 in "WiiHome" folder.


  • Added rumble support
  • Added possibility to change the font. The font must be font.png and must be 1024*8 in "WiiHome" folder.
  • Added POWER button support (without "exception (dsi) occured!") (thanks crediar !)
  • Added possibility to add a music in mp3 format. The music must be music.mp3 in "WiiHome" folder.
  • Improvements in memory manager


Few themes are available here. You can propose your theme in the talk page.


Install Wii Home

  • Put the WIIHOME.DOL file in the root of the SD/SDHC card
  • Go to Preloader (0.27 or better)
  • Click on "settings"
  • Change "autoboot" to "file"
  • Change "return to" to "systemmenu"
  • Click on "save settings"
  • Press B button and go to "install/load dol File"
  • Select "WIIHOME.DOL" and press A button
  • Turn off the Wii and turn the Wii back on
  • Congratulations !

Change the theme

The theme are located in the folder WiiHome at the root of the SD/SDHC card.

Create a theme

The theme are located in the folder WiiHome at the root of the SD/SDHC card. The theme images files must be in PNG format. Here is the list of files :

  • background.png: the background. The image must be 640*480.
  • button.png: the button. The image must be 500*100.
  • button_selected.png: the button selected by the cursor. The image must be 500*100.
  • font.png: font. The image must be 1024*8.
  • cursor.png: cursor. The image must be 96*96.
  • music.mp3: music.

To have a transparent background, a pink color is not needed. A simple background transparent is enough. The alpha transparency is supported. Remember to fill the theme.txt file to enter your author name, etc...

Launch an other channel

You can also launch an other channel. For this, create a channel.txt file in the WiiHome folder. In the file, write the first number :

  • 1 for 00010001
  • 2 for 00010002
  • 4 for 00010004
  • 8 for 00010008

After, write the title in letters of the Wii Channel. For example, the title of the Homebrew Channel is JODI.

If you don't know the title of the Channel you can see on the Title Database.

So, for the Homebrew Channel the complete file is 1JODI.



  • crediar (help to coding and for his preloader)
  • Ac_K