Wii Error Messages

The Game Disc could not be read. Please read the Wii Operations Manual for more information.

This is an error caused by inserting a damaged disc and the Wii reads it at first, but in the middle of the game, the Wii fails to read it, causing this error. To avoid it, please check that the disc has no scratches or is dirty before playing.

An Error Has Occurred

This is a generic error encountered by a Wii caused mostly because of a dirty or damaged disc inside the Wii console. The best thing to do is check the disc for any scratches or dirt that could cause disc read errors.

More rarely, this could be a problem related to the Wii console's DVD drive being broken or damaged. Repairs might be required if this is the case. (Please add more info)

Insert Startup Disc

This error message is a very rare error that only seems to occur around launch. This can only be displayed by the Prelaunch System Menu.

The System Files Are Corrupted

If the error says "Error 004: The System Files Are Corrupted" then see Error 004.

This error message is caused by one of several circumstances:

  • A banner Brick; when the Wii Menu detects a corrupted or incompatible channel banner, it will crash to this error. If you do encounter this error and want to fix it, use AnyTitle Deleter to delete the channel with the bad or invalid banner.
  • Editing the System Menu incorrectly or deleting a vital file. Launching DOP-Mii to reinstall the System Menu via the Homebrew Channel, BlueBomb, or a SaveMii Dongle can fix this as well.
  • Installing a broken theme.
  • Changing UIDs in /sys/uid.sys without changing the UIDs in the filesystem itself

The *channel* System File(s) is corrupted

This error message can occur when certain channel files are not found/are corrupted. This message could display if you change the system language to a language that the application does not support, such as trying to launch the NTSC-U/PAL Forecast Channel with Japanese as the system language. This is a result of the system trying to load the Japanese strings, which do not exist.

The error screen will look something like this:


You have tried to access the address (), which is currently unavailable.

The Opera error message is caused by a corrupt settings menu or installing a System Menu Update from a disc from another region. This is called a semi-brick.

If the error is related to changing the region on your Wii, you can easily fix it by changing the region settings back to the way they were before they were changed. However, it is easy to turn the semi-brick into a full brick. If you do not have BootMii as boot2 or have Priiloader installed, your Wii will most likely be unusable in a full brick.

This channel can't be used.

This error shows up when you open a channel that doesn't match the system region. (For example, opening a Japanese exclusive channel on an EU wii.)

Errors 001-004

These are all anti-homebrew errors. See the respective pages for more details.


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