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Team Twizzlers is the team of the Wii hackers brushing, marcman, seghear, and the legendary tmibnc. They are responsible for reverse-hacking many parts of the Wii for use in making emulators, custom firmwares, and making WADs. They often can be found on #wiihack on irc.efnet.net and they are now working on making the backup loader!!!


seghear - Aliases: slugger, Grumpy

  • seghear writes a lot of very bad code so he is always finding bugs in the wii software. he found the singing trucha (trout) bug that allowed for loading backups on unmodded wiis

brushing - Aliases: blushing, bu-shing, Bashful

  • brushing is known for his appearance at the 24th CCCP confrence where he showed off running code on the wii which was the base of the first wii backup iso loader. it is rumored that brushing may have made the wiibrator!!!! LOL!

tmibnc - Aliases: tincmb, tmnbic, (...), Doc

marcman - Aliases: mormon, marmaduke, Sneezy

  • marcman, creator of the WAD format, is always working on injecting new wads and other hacks. he is renowned as a master of writing BDSM code stubs and things like that.

Non-Twizzlers folks

wankynono - Aliases: coco butter, dark_wanky, Dopey

  • wankynono is a cool guy, eh writes apps and doesn't afraid of anything. he is known as the dark_alex of the wii b/c he made the very first customer firmware for the wii which lets your wii read dvds and downgrade your wii.