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Here at WiiBrew, we're strong believers in privacy. That's why we keep all the good homebrew on our secure Wii server, where you can't get it.

Basically what we're trying to say is, no, you can not haz ISO loader.

Information collected by WiiBrew Wiki

WiiBrew wiki collects all edits done to pages, and makes them publicly visible. Unlike many wikis, WiiBrew requires you to sign in to edit pages, eliminating the need to share your IP address on every edit. It is not known whether WiiBrew has an analytic extension installed, but if one is installed, it is not Google Analytics.

Information collected by third parties

WiiBrew wiki contains ads provided by Google. When these are downloaded, Google may store some tracking cookies on your computer. The only complete way to stop this from happening is to use some form of request blocker (Firefox, DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials, etc).