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The WiiBrew Wiki's privacy policy guarantees a high degree of privacy for each and every single user. WiiBrew displays no user information that is personal in context.

Information Gathered

  • Usernames, which are to be displayed publicly, so that no user may make an edit anonymously.
  • Email addresses and Email address confirmation dates, which are stored privately, unless if the address is stated on the user's userpage.
    • If the user has their email on their userpage, WiiBrew bears no responsibility for any Emails sent to the address or anything that may occur to it.
  • User passwords, which are stored with safe encryption in WiiBrew servers.
  • The amount of edits (contributions) a user has made.
  • The date of the user's registration.

Third Parties

  • WiiBrew employs the usage of Google's reCAPTCHA, which is known to send information to Google. reCAPTCHA is required for all users to take in order to make an edit on WiiBrew, in order to counter spam. In plain English, this is what reCAPTCHA is known to collect:
    • Browser and browser headers (potentially operating system)
    • IP addresses
  • While a good majority of homebrew is hosted on WiiBrew, other apps may have download links that lead to other websites for the download, and source code links may lead to source repository sites such as GitHub. WiiBrew cannot guarantee that each of these sites are privacy-friendly and cannot verify many other things about them. If privacy is a concern, use them with discretion.