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This page details the etiquette expected of WiiBrew users, describes the content not allowed on the wiki, and the repercussions for violating WiiBrew's policies. We expect our users to behave maturely, and this is not an exhaustive list of things you should avoid doing. If we see a user making counterproductive edits of any sort, we may intervene. Them's the breaks.


License violations

Projects that use code under the GPL or other source licences must have properly credited the code and author(s), as per the requirements of the licence.

Copyright infringement

Main article: WiiBrew:Piracy

Piracy in general is not permitted. In addition to the typical rule of not sharing backups for any console, this also includes talk about tools that allow "backups" to be played on original hardware, such as tools to install illegal WADs, and drivechips. Related tools, such as WAD editors and tools that create backups, are allowed, provided that they are not bundled with other piracy-related tools. Content pertaining to leaked information such as Nintendo's private SDK are prohibited, and will be removed on sight.


WAD information and applications are not allowed, unless it refers to a specific case of a legal WAD (e.g. installing an IOS from a disc). Innocent until proven guilty does not apply here. Tools to install official channels not properly signed by the target Wii are also not allowed.


Vandalism is any addition, deletion, or change to content made in a deliberate attempt to compromise the integrity of WiiBrew.


Choose a neutral username with which you will be happy. Obscene, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate usernames will be blocked.

Generic names are also not permitted, including both names such as "NoUsername" and "WiiBrew." An example of an acceptable username is "DoNotUseExampleUsernames".

See Wikipedia's Username policy for further appropriate/inappropriate account names.

No announcing of web sites, commercial products, etc.

Using Multiple Accounts

Editors may not use multiple accounts to contribute. Doing so will result in the alternate account(s) being blocked to enforce the fact that editors may only use one account to contribute.



Any user violating the above rules may be banned from WiiBrew at the discretion of an administrator.


Disruptive editors can be blocked from editing for short or long amounts of time.

Page Protection

Pages can be protected against vandals or during fierce content disputes. In addition, pages undergoing frequent vandalism can be semi-protected to block edits by new editors.

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