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This page is a list of the latest homebrew news, used for the "Latest news" section on the Main Page. This is not a list for homebrew applications. A list of the most recent homebrew releases and updates can be found at WiiBrew:Homebrew Releases.

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For older news check the Archive.


  • 23 April 09: A central SVN repository has been set up for SDL Wii. If you want to help maintain the port, please contact Tantric to be added to the project.
  • 25 March 09: Nintendo has released System Menu 4.0, which includes a batch of IOS updates. Installing new homebrew is disabled by this version, so updating is not recommended at this point. Read about it on HackMii.
  • 22 March 09: Some gamers who use online cheats are spreading rumors that Nintendo is banning users from Nintendo WiFi Connection because they have the The Homebrew Channel installed. There have been no reports of homebrew users being banned solely for having HBC installed. Please see marcan's post for more information on these rumors at HackMii.