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  • 24 February 09: DevkitPro has made some important updates/releases. Look at their website for more details.
  • 21 February 09: wplaat new game ideas poll is closed. Check here to see the poll outcome!
  • 19 February 09: svpe has released an official version of DVDx for System Menu 3.4. Note that PatchMii and advanced modes are unavailable for this version.
  • 16 February 09: John_K is asking everyone to run the BootMii Compatibility Checker on their Wii (Below Firmware 3.4 Only)
  • 16 February 09: wplaat is searching for new game ideas. Please post your ideas on his website
  • 26 January 09 : Bushing from Hackmii has started to hack the NDSi, check out the wiki!