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  • 22 March 08

A new Wii System Update has been reported, it is thought to be preparation for a trucha signer fix (Think homebrew channel). Caution is advised though, at this time it is unsure what effects it has (though it is not thought to affect the TP hack, it still may do so until we can confirm otherwise). Note this is NOT the one from a couple of days ago that was related to Wiiware.

  • 21 March 08

Experimental Twilight Hack 0.1alpha3b has been released. FAT32 support added.
There is a new minor update available to the Wii Shop Channel, related to the coming of Wiiware. It does not affect any current hacks and is "safe".

  • 19 March 08

Wiifuse v0.2.0 is out. The included Wiifuse_server lets you remotely mount your wii NAND filesystem on your PC.

  • 18 March 08

There is a new art contest and music contest. Scroll to the top of the linked page for info on contests.

  • 16 March 08

Bushing showed a video with the worlds first homebrew channel on a Wii (Warning: don't immediately jump on IRC to ask for a release, if it ever gets released it will be right here.)

  • 15 March 08

We're now on a new server, It should be much, much faster. We also have a squid proxy set up and dishing out static pages before you ever hit the mediawiki thanks to pab-. -Ch0p

  • 14 March 08

Twilight Hack alpha3a is out. Front SD with FAT16 support!

  • 10 March 08

geckoloader v0.0.3 is out. Less requirements and more features. Happy happy, joy joy!

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