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  • 08 September 08: libwiiupdate allows you to easily add update support to your app.
  • 07 September 08: rockybulwinkle has released version 1.0 of Gravity, a multiplayer space shooting game with universal gravitation.
  • 06 September 08: Mega Man has released Wii Gamecube Homebrew Launcher which can start Gamecube homebrew applications.
  • 06 September 08: Amarth released version 0.2 of his Jump 'n Bump port. It is a multiplayer game with cute bunnies and gore. Very addictive!
  • 05 September 08: PaceMaker released version 0.3 of his SpaceShooter homebrew game, adding more controller choices, two new levels and background mp3 sound.
  • 04 September 08: Scognito published a level editor for his upcoming homebrew game Wiicross.
  • 02 September 08: JustWoody has released v0.4 of Mahjongg Wii. Added multiple tile layouts, shuffle mode, matching tile counter, true type style font, etc.
  • 01 September 08: Westy92 released a Metronome. It is the first metronome for the Wii. Check it out! Download here.