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  • 19 June 08: Gecko OS (including the GeckoRF) is released!
  • 18 June 08: Big Bang Theory has released an update to the Wii Brew SD Installer.
  • 16 June 08: libmxml has been ported to the wii. You can use this to load/save xml configuration files from/to the wii.
  • 11 June 08: libwiisprite released. It is a new sprite library written in C++ which uses GX as its underlying rendering engine.
  • 8 June 08: Scognito Released Scogger, his frog puzzle game already available for the PSP & DS.
  • 8 June 08: Bg released a version of ZX Spectrum emulator FUSE. Features USB keyboard and Wiimote support.
  • 3 June 08: Knight0fDragon Released Duck Hunt, a port of the NES Classic.
  • 1 June 08: feesh released a Multiplayer Asteroids game, Masteroids.
  • 1 June 08: SquidMan released the first beta of his Touhou Fangame.