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This page is a list of homebrew releases and updates, used for the "Latest homebrew releases" section on the Main Page. An experimental RSS feed is available for this list.

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  • Add your application to the top of the list, using this format for the date: '''14 October 19:''' . Please include the application's creator, version number, and a link to a page on Wiibrew about the application. No external links please.
  • Move the last entry to the appropriate archive. If an app was released in October 2019, move it to Wiibrew:Homebrew Releases/October 2019



  • 23 Septembre 08: CashMan has released Wii Quizz. A Quizz with actually only questions in french.
  • 22 September 08: michniewski & Tantric have released Snes9x GX 005. It features the 1.51 core, superscope support, auto save/load and more.
  • 21 September 08: Arikado has released v0.1 of Wiibreaker. This is a simple brickbreaker game.
  • 21 September 08: Lnuxguy has released version 0.3 of WiiDoom. This verson implements Saving, Loading, Automap, and PWAD support.
  • 20 September 08: Tantric has released version 2.0.2 of FCE Ultra GX. This verson contains bugfixes and better Zapper controls.