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  • 12 September 08: Wii Gamecube Homebrew Launcher 0.2 supports loading from front SD slot. Gamecube disc support has been added (untested).
  • 10 September 08: Lnuxguy has released WiiDoom 0.2. This version supports IR turning, as well as corrected brightness,sound, and weapon selection.
  • 09 September 08: Hermes has released an update of his PC Engine emulator WiiEngine 1.2. This update add Nunchuck support, correct support of games Street Fighter 2 & Strip Fighter, fix sound...
  • 09 September 08: Penpvdbs has released Easy homebrew installer, a compact installer to install the Homebrew Channel.
  • 08 September 08: libwiiupdate allows you to easily add update support to your app.