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This is to act as a central point for the requesting, suggesting, and possibly voting on potential logos for projects related to Wii homebrew. Needless to say, all images must be released under an acceptable free license (it will be included in a GPLv2 program) and contain no copyrighted imagery. Each request can be thought of as a "contest". Be sure to spread the word to anyone you think would be interested about current contests!


Many users appear to be coming here to submit artwork, bypassing the Introduction, and aren't familiar with how to use a wiki. If you are a user who wants to post some artwork but cannot figure out how, the following articles will be very helpful:

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Contest: Homebrew channel banners

Started by henke37.

<marcan> just keep in mind two things
<marcan> 1) whoever wins will have to work with me on the final version
<marcan> 2) we'll also need a savegame banner, tp hack style, from the winner

The banner is an dynamic animation with sound. It also has a preview banner that appears in the Wii menu when not zoomed in. The format supports scripting and some kind of reading of wiiconnect 24 data. Please make sure that all submissions look cool both with and without widescreen.

Good luck since it's a proprietary format without usable documentation.

Some templates to get you started on designing - Trayne. These should help give an artistic leg-up until a more applicable solution becomes available.

  • Wiiframe43.png Wiiframe169.png


Obviously inspired by Kaktus621's excellent work.




Wiibrew-4thumb.jpg (Cant upload wide thumbnail i dont know why)





Contest: Zelda Chainloader (FINISHED)

Started by segher. The winning image was Image:Chainloader.png by dasda. The full contest is archived.

Contest: General Homebrew

<segher> the logo should at first glance refer to our homebrew stuff, not just to the game
<MadCatMk2> Just a quick recommendation: I think the logo should be rather simplistic, so as smaller versions are easily recognisable.

This contest is now open!

A lot of the less-specific entries into the Zelda Chainloader contest would be good candidates for the General Homebrew logo.


  • WiiBrew-amoose136.jpg
  • WiiBrewblur.jpg

With blurry reflections.

  • WiiBrewRain.jpg

Creative Commons License. (click images for details)


  • Wiibrewdasda.png


  • Wiibrew kaktus621.jpg
  • Wiibrew Kaktus621 2.jpg


  • Wiibrew.jpg