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This is to act as a central point for the requesting, suggesting, and possibly voting on potential logos for projects related to Wii homebrew. Needless to say, all images must be released under an acceptable free license (it will be included in a GPLv2 program) and contain no copyrighted imagery. Each request can be thought of as a "contest".

<segher> i'm sure there will be one design that is head-and-shoulders above the rest
<segher> and we'll just go with that

deviantART Thread Announcement


Many users appear to be coming here to submit artwork, bypassing the Introduction, and aren't familiar with how to use a wiki. If you are a user who wants to post some artwork but cannot figure out how, the following articles will be very helpful:

Contest: Zelda Chainloader

By segher

Cutoff date for new submissions: TBA, "but don't expect a week" (posted on Feb 4th)

 --> Not TBA, at some point in time we'll just take something we like :-)  --segher

Names suggested so far:

  • 'zelchalo'
  • 'zelda tp chainloader'
  • 'epwna.dol'
  • Feel free to add to this list!

<segher> anyone want to help? i need a nice logo -- 192x64, and perhaps a 48x48 as well. it's for the zelda chainloader
<segher> i don't know how it's going to be called yet
<segher> it should have "zelda tp" somewhere recognisable in it

An attempt at summarization/clarification:

  • Logo should be 192x64 and optionally include another copy at 48x48 (the winner will most likely be asked to provide a 48x48, so it's not entirely necessary now)
  • Zelda TP is more of a theme, not literal word usage. Since the name hasn't been decided, even textless logos should be fine
  • No copyright violations (no original art directly from any commercial games)
  • Potentially even using the word "Zelda" may be copyright infringement (unconfirmed) --> nonsense, it _should_ have "zelda" in it even --segher

Usernames in alphabetical order, pictures in order of release:

  • Adan0s
    • Wiipwnya.png
  • bLAStY
    • Blasty logo 1.png
  • bl0pa - retro ascii
    • Epwnaldr.png
    • Epwnaldr2.png
  • Chell65:
    • Chell65 logo 1.jpg
    • Chell65 logo 2.jpg
  • dasda:
    • Dasda logo 1.png
    • Dasda logo 2.png
    • Dasda logo 3.png
    • Dasda logo 4.png
  • Nikato
    • Nikato.png
  • OmNItRon
    • OmNitRon.jpg
  • Wii-Scene
    • Zelchalo copia.jpg

Contest: WiiBrew's Homebrew

<segher> the logo should at first glance refer to our homebrew stuff, not just to the game

Separate contest with the same rules we have on all submissions.