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| source      = [http://www.optimatek.com/wii/wii-tac-toe-src.zip Here]
| source      = [http://www.optimatek.com/wii/wii-tac-toe-src.zip Here]
| website    =  
| website    =  
| peripherals = {{Wiimote2}}
| peripherals = {{Wiimote2}} {{FrontSD}}
| hbc        = 1
| hbc        = 1
| hbb        = 1
| hbb        = 1

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Wii-Tac-Toe is a game for the Nintendo Wii. It was programmed in C++ using devkitPro along with GRRLIB.

The game can be played alone vs the CPU or with a friend using one Wiimote. The game AI does not always do the same moves, so the fun never stop.

To win the game, you have to place three marks (O or X) in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row. If the grid is filled completely and no one has won, well, it's a tie game. Start over and try to beat your opponent.


Button Action
Wii Remote Aim Aim at the screen and move the cursor
Wiimote A Button Confirm
Wiimote HOME Button Open/close the HOME menu
Wiimote 1 Button + Wiimote 2 Button Create a PNG screenshot on SD card


Short term

  • Text wrapping
  • New fonts
  • Game buttons at the bottom should work
  • Finger position (hotspot) and weird behaviour (screen edge)

Long term

  • Sounds and music
  • Translation
  • Network connection
  • Mii display (maybe one day)


  • Crayon for the code.
  • Mr_Nick666 for the amazing design. Without him the game would suck big time.

  • Thanks to the team who coded GRRLIB for their great video library.
  • Thanks to the people behind devkitPro and all the libraries included with it.
  • Thanks to the guys who did Sendelf.
  • Special thanks to Team Twiizers for everything they did for the Wii homebrew community.