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WakeMiiUp is a Homebrew Application from Superyoshi. It is a alarm app just like Alarmii, but this app also aims to have more functions. It's most important feature is, that you don't need the TV to be on.

Does your TV make a buzzing noise, so you can't sleep? Switch the TV off and get waked up by light! Watching a movie on TV, but you want to be noticed when you gotta go to school? The light will tell you!


- Set Alarm (based on System Time, 24h format)

- Wakes you using your Wii Drive Light (blinking)

To Do


- Change to 12h time format

- Change Drive Light blinking frequency


- Waking you using Rumble

- Snooze Function



If you have suggestions, feel free to tell them on the Talk Page.



Was only given out to beta testers.

- Fixed many bugs from 0.5beta

- Time gets now displayed on bottom right in big red numbers insetead of at the top with normal formatting


Was only given out to beta testers.

- Added blinking Wii Disk Drive Light

Credits, Thanks, etc.

- Credits to Rhys for the code used to light the Disk Drive

- Credits to Blitter for the original idea and for the code used to get the system time

- Thanks to Team Twiizers for making Wii Homebrew possible and creating the HBC.