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Visual Boy Advance GX
Zdd vba icon.png
Description Emulateur GB/GBC/GBA
Type Emulation
Auteur Tantric
Version 1.0.0
Téléchargement Google Code
Source Google Code

Wiimote1.svg ClassicController.svg GameCube Controller Loads files from the Front SD slot SD Gecko USB mass storage device

Support complet du Homebrew Channel
Téléchargeable depuis le Homebrew Browser

Visual Boy Advance GX est un émulateur de console Game Boy Advance / Game Boy pour la Wii basé sur l'émulateur pour PC Visual Boy Advance v1.7.2.


  • Wiimote, Nunchuk, Classic, and Gamecube controller support
  • Custom controller configurations
  • SD / USB support
  • SRAM & State saving
  • MEM2 ROM Storage for fast access
  • Auto frame skip for those core heavy games

Notes pour les développeurs

ZIP/DVD/SMB/GameCube Memory Card support are NOT implemented yet. The current build does NOT have adjustable frameskip. Frameskipping is set to 'AUTO' and cannot be changed. While speed is generally near perfect, sound tends to rebuffer as a result of frameskipping, so in-game music may suffer as a result, sounding like a CD-skipping. This does not occur with Gameboy Color games or original Gameboy games, which do not use the frameskip function.


  • If you are using the Homebrew Channel just copy the 'apps' directory from the archive to the root of your SD card. If you are using another loader use the 'executables/vbagx_wii.dol'.
  • ROMs & saves files should be stored in 'vbagx/roms' and 'vbagx/saves' on the root of your SD card or USB flash drive. You can copy the fceugx directory from the archive to your support drive.
  • Launch the emulator using your Loader.



Button Action
Wiimote B Button L Button
Wiimote A Button R Button
Wiimote 1 Button B Button
Wiimote 2 Button A Button
Wiimote - Button Select
Wiimote + Button Start
Wiimote D-Pad Move
Wiimote HOME Button Menu


Button Action
GameCube L Trigger L Button
GameCube R Trigger R Button
Gamecube B Button B Button
Gamecube A Button A Button
GameCube Z Button Select
GameCube START Button Start
GameCube D-Pad Move
Gamecube C Control Stick Left Bring Up Menu

Historique des versions

[What's New 1.0.0]

  • Now compiles with devkitpro r15
  • One makefile to make all versions
  • Complete rewrite based on code from SNES9x GX
  • Now has a menu! ROM selector, preferences, controller mapping, etc
  • Wiimote, Nunchuk, and Classic controller support
  • Button mapping for all controller types
  • Full support for SD and USB
  • Load/save preference selector. ROMs, saves, and preferences are saved/loaded according to these
  • 'Auto' settings for save/load - attempts to automatically determine your load/save device(s) - SD, USB
  • Preferences are loaded and saved in XML format. You can open VBAGX.xml edit all settings, including some not available within the program