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Visual Boy Advance Version 1.7.2 Port to Wii


Here's a beta version just to show how progress is going.

It requires a SDGecko though cause I haven't come across a decent enough front SD library to use (which supports writing+LFN's)

The GUI is non-existent at this stage as it is just a quick hack together of things, however it should still be usable.

Source is included in case I don't find the time to move further on with coding this.

lease note, this is just a WIP build for testing. I'm not responsible for anyones SD cards becoming corrupted/formatted/etc.


SD Gecko ROM loading (for now)

SD Gecko Native save/load support

Gamecube PAD support only (for now)

Up to 32mb (256MBIT) ROM support


- Place all ROMS on the SDCARD in /VBA/ROMS/ - Create a directory /VBA/SAVES/ - Place your BIOS.GBA in /VBA/BIOS/ (if you have one) - Boot boot.elf with the tp loader (or whatever else). - Once loaded, put the SDCARD into your SDGecko (SlotA) and press A. - Load a ROM, enjoy. - To access the ingame menu, press X+Y. - For now, you'll have to exit to the loader to load another ROM. - To save your game, after saving in a game, go to the menu and then save. - Saves are loaded automatically if they are found.

Thanks to

Forgotten for VBA ( shagkur/Wintermute for libOGC bushing,segher,tmbinc for making wii homebrew possible softdev for his GC port of VBA172


The source is provided but I've set the optimization level to -O0 so you can compile it on dkPPC r14 (but it won't be 100% speed). To compile this properly, it was quite a mess, as I had to use dkPPC R13 to compile GBA.cpp and then R14 for the rest.. I'll try to sort out the issues, but for now, the binary provided works fine.


Download: (