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thank God someone is finally making a web browser for homebrew! The one made by opera sucks! I would like to offer suggestions for this. =) (I know nothing about programming outside of TI-basic, so no suggestions on the actual programming, at least for now) Toagack

Ok give suggestions, every hint helps! WiiCracker

Informations about "WiiSurf"

  • Which rendering library you want to use ? (webkit, gecko, an homemade lib.)
  • Have you already started to write it ?
  • Do you plan to release it in several languages ?

Like Toagac, I don't know anything about programming (excepted PHP ;).

Thanks! --Terloup2 06:31, 21 September 2008 (UTC)

Aswer to Terloup2

  • 1 I think i would use none homemade stuff.
  • 2 Yes, ive finished the part wich gets the files.
  • 3 Im plannning this languages: English, Germaln and later French. You could help to translate!