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'''Salehhamadeh''', page to be continued.
          My email:
          [[saleh_hamadeh@hotmail.com]] for chatting.
          [[salehhamadeh@yahoo.com]] for sending me messages.
== Graphics for [[User:Jamesdodd/Jewel_Thiif|Jewel Thiif]] ==
Hi, thanks for the offer :)
if you still fancy making a few graphics for the game I'd be extremely appreciative.
I'm after graphics for the following:
* main male character
* female character
* basic enemy
* evil boss
* jewels
* backgrounds
* and then loads of stuff for splash screens, titles and things like that.
I'm not after anything complex, the simpler the better to be honest, I like minimalism! oh and if you can get a film noir style into all the better ;) [[User:Jamesdodd|JD]] 00:00, 17 June 2008 (CEST)

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