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Very Nice

This page is sexy. Seriously, though, besides the fact that the top bar is large and pointless, it is great. I can't wait for this to be the new homepage! -Crayon

Yeah, the sidebar was the main thing I wanted, the top part was just an afterthought (not the best thought though :P) Hideous

Nice job

I like it, except that I find the top section useless. Since the menu on the right is long enough, I think we would scroll less without that section. Anyway, the logo is always on the left bar. For the rest, I think it's #1! - Crayon

Yeah, I like this and would be happy to give it a shot on the main page, but at least in Safari the top part doesn't look like it is rendering the way you meant for it to -- I'd help if I knew HTML :( Bushing 23:31, 1 May 2008 (PDT)